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Is Facebook the new Ebay?08-Jan-2013

It's been described as the online garage sale. But who would have thought the social media..

BHP lifts production in first quarter17-Oct-2012

BHP lifts production in first quarter - AAP BHP Billiton increased produ..

Microsoft to price new tablet17-Oct-2012

Microsoft to price new tablet - AAP MICROSOFT says its new Surface tablet computer - de..

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Welcome to Business Learning, this area aims to provide you with the skills, knowledge and training required to enter the business industry.

There's an enormous scope for rewarding career paths in business including marketing, accounting, international business, management, human resources and administration.

Marketing is much more than selling and advertising. It also encompasses product development, market research and product promotion.

Accounting and finance officers advise and report on the financial dealings of organisations and individuals. They may specialise in auditing, administration (liquidation and receivership), budgeting and management accounting.

Careers in purchasing involve the supply of goods and services for industrial, commercial or government organisations, while sales roles encompass everything from retailing to real estate.

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Job Outlook is a careers and labour market research information site to help you decide on your future career. 

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